For a Sustainable Future


We take our responsibilities seriously

We know that being a successful business comes with a wide range of responsibilities to society, future generations, and the environment. We believe that sustainable economies offer significant added value with future-oriented leadership and meaningful social and ecological engagement – all in the name of responsible cooperation.

Diversity and Equal Treatment: Fairness for All

Our company culture sees the uniqueness in every individual, unites different perspectives and experiences, and promotes respectful interactions with each other. We firmly believe that a diversity of genders, religions, ages, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and physical capabilities leads to a culture of tolerance and acceptance.

As an employer, we have always spoken out against and taken steps to prevent any form of discrimination. For example, in 2021, we updated our application process, so it no longer asks for any age or gender data. Through this, we hope to lay the groundwork for equal opportunity and outwardly promote our commitment to diversity and equal treatment. We also plan to take further steps toward strengthening these values both within the company and in our daily lives.

Employee and Personal Development: A Chance to Grow

We know that it's our employees who make our business so unique and successful. Their passion, abilities, and skills are what make us strong. Our future is in their hands, which is why we encourage their development and growth. How do we do this?

Our "Development at Chrono24" concept contains defined development processes and is a significant component of our long-term growth. It helps orient employees, opens up new prospects, and creates the motivation to pursue personal development and a career. Dialogs between individual employees, leadership, and the people development department serve to identify potential, define development goals, and determine which measures will help individual employees fulfill their development plan. The development process also involves a constant flow of feedback. We strive to be innovative, creative, and bold in our thoughts and actions – just as our environment and team demand.

Security and Data Privacy: A Top Priority

At Chrono24, we firmly believe that our platform's continued secure development is only possible if we identify potential threats early on. For this reason, our team of experts from various disciplines analyzes the data privacy and information security requirements in the early stages of the development process.

Beyond that, the data privacy of our users is absolutely critical. Many of our employees come into contact with our users and their data on a daily basis. Therefore, these employees receive additional, individualized training and support from our internal experts to guarantee the secure processing of our users' data.

Compliance – Strengthening Corporate Culture & Providing Secure Reporting Channels

We foster an open corporate culture and encourage our employees to immediately report any misconduct such as bribery, attempted bribery, other potentially corrupt acts, and violations of applicable laws and internal regulations, even if only suspected.

We expect the same from our business partners. Our Code of Conduct for Business Partners therefore sets the highest ethical standards, in line with our corporate values.

Do you have a feeling that something at Chrono24 is not being done properly or not in accordance with the law? In addition to our employees, you are also welcome to report your concerns anonymously here.

Report a compliance violation anonymously

You can read our latest environmental, social, and corporate governance report here.

ESG Report 2022

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